Decide where to play

Oh Marbles game launches and takes you to the play room. When you launch the PLAY button in the bottom right corner your first choice will be where to play. The first match is played in the play room. As you gain experience you can begin to play in more places such as the garden, a tree house and a junk yard. It's sort of like growing up and learning to explore your world.

Choose your opponent

You have a friend who will always be ready to play marbles. His name is "Welcome" - an unusual name for a great friend. As you acquire more marbles you will meet other marbles players.

Pick your game

There are three types of games; ringer, ring-taw and dropsies.

The objective in Ringer is to knock marbles out of the ring. Your turn continues so long as your shooter remains in the circle. This is the only game available when you first begin.

Once you have accumulated enough marbles you can play Ring-Taw. The objective is still to knock marbles out of the ring, but your turn only continues if your shooter remains in the outer circle.

Dropsie is the third game. This advanced game has a different style of play. Instead of shooting your marble into the ring with a flick, you touch the screen with two fingers and "drop" a marble over the marble you wish to hit. The collisions will send marbles out of the ring You get one "drop" per turn.

Not all shooters are the same

The shooter marbles in Oh Marbles have different sizes and different weights. Basically they get heavier as you gain experience. You can decide if it is better to shoot with a light marble or a big heavy one.

The white shooter is your first, followed by black, red and yellow. Each is heaver than the last. Use the magnifying glass to find your shooter when it is in play.

Aim to keep your shooter in play

When you take aim to shoot marbles out of the ring, think of the angle of your shooter marble as it hits other marbles. You'll want your marble to bounce into other marbles and potentially knock several out at once. You can shoot with an angle and force that will keep the shooter in the ring.

Collect bottle caps

Kids sometimes have weird hobbies. As you travel from place to place playing marbles keep an eye out for bottle caps. You can trade bottle caps with an old man that you'll meet at the junk yard. For a few bottle caps he will show you some tricks and give you some cheats, if you can call them that.


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