About Oh Marbles!

Oh Marbles is an indi game published out of our home in Washington State. It is self funded and free for at the Apple App Store.

The name Cider Press media is inspired by fond memories of making apple cider, playing games in the summer, gardening, eating honey in the honey comb, playing practical jokes and other fine memories that I experienced with my grand father. Welcome Friend Sauer (1903 - 1972) was an early resident of a small town in Eastern Washington. He ran a family farm, hunted and fished in the Alpine Lakes area, and raised a family. He served as a rural mail carrier for the US Postal Service for his entire career, beginning in a Model A Ford and retiring decades later after practically every one in town knew him. Though he is gone, values he lived out still resonate through his family who live as business people, farmers, athletes, coaches and teachers.



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