The Classic Marbles Game

Children everywhere have gathered to play marbles in school yards, homes, or any other place where kids play.

Every marble player had marbles in different, fascinating designs. Oh Marbles is designed to present that same experience.

As in the classic game, Oh Marbles presents the best experiences of playing marbles – wining, losing, collecting, trading and pondering the endless variety of marble designs.

Game marbles are a growing set with beautiful and entertaining designs. Oh Marbles will include several hundred marbles designs.

Objective – Manage your marble set to get the best designs, best shooters, and largest collection of marbles.

Control – original glass marbles were shot by “knuckling down”, and flicking the marble with the thumb or tossing it with two fingers. Oh Marbles supports double-touch, dropping and shooting marbles too. Visit our help page for tips on how to Oh Marbles.

Collect – as players gain more experience, encounter new sets of marbles. Any marble can be won or lost in a game and some are collectible.

Tap on any marble at the bottom to see it displayed large and decide to play it or select another one. When collectible marbles are displayed, the marble name, person who designed it, and their web site are displayed too.

Game locations represent the places where any grade school kid may go. Play in a dirt garden, an alley, a tree house, school, an amusement park and many others.

Marble Players - You'll be introduced to about a dozen different kids from the fictional town named Bennington. Boys and girls alike, some friendly, some bullies, and some looking to take your marbles.

Oh Marbles is a game for the iphone and the ipad that was first released in 2009. It was revised in 2019 remains available on the Apple App store.

Oh Marbles comes with the following features.

  • It is a FREE game.
  • Win, lose, collect and trade digital marbles
  • Three classic marble games; ringer, ring-taw, dropsies
  • Many different virtual play environments
  • A set of virtual marbles included
  • Endless supply of new marble designs
  • Creative marble designs including cartoons and visual jokes
  • Game marbles have different weights and sizes for in-game physics surprises
  • AI opponents with different skill levels
  • Real physics for marble weighs and sizes
  • Collect bottle caps and trade them for insider tricks.
  • Support development of this game with in game purchases (optional)
  • We dont' collect or market player information
  • No advertising!

If you are interested in real glass marbles, visit It describes everything you would ever want to know about playing marbles.


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